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The Tata International Africa Story

We have walked a long road in Africa with every day, hard-working, inspirational and dedicated consumers and employees. We entered the African market in 1977 when we created Tata Zambia, a business mainly involved in the import of Tata vehicles into the African nation, along with marketing and providing after-sales services. Exploration of opportunities then spread into other African markets including South Africa, and in 1994 Tata Africa Holdings was established in Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannesburg still serves as our group’s headquarters on the continent. With an African presence spanning 12 countries, we are immensely proud of our ever-growing and developing African family, which provides valuable

skills and expertise in automotive, engineering, mining, telecommunications, information technology, farming and farm equipment, chemicals, and healthcare products. Customers have welcomed our quality products into their homes and businesses and have, through their commitment to our brand, helped shape our community initiatives. At the heart of every interaction we undertake, we remain unwavering in our passion to help build a more prosperous Africa for all through dedicated education, entrepreneurship and health initiatives and to do everything we can to empower communities through varying social and economic opportunities.

Our commitment to Africa

We have established ourselves as a trusted brand across the African continent, boasting more than four decades of holistic presence, with core focus areas including business and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

In South Africa, Ask Africa has ranked Tata as one of the 19 most reputable international companies operating within its borders. The ranking is based on critical attributes including financial governance, service and innovation, job creation, transformation, skills development and CSR. We are also significantly rated as a highly respected company, competent in the way we conduct business and deliver on promises. We are a trusted company that always aims to make a meaningful contribution on the continent.

Our footprint
throughout Africa

From Zambia to South Africa and beyond, our footprint in Africa has grown considerably over the last 40+ years. Whether it is new sales, parts or community outreach, we provide the best possible experiences.

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What we
do in Africa

Whether it is supporting communities through outreach programmes, upskilling mechanics or providing vehicles that are made to last under trying and tough African conditions, we’re always active in Africa.


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Our careers

At Tata International Africa we believe that you never stop learning. We want to help potential candidates and current employees achieve continuous career development and fulfilment through our extensive career opportunities.