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Breakdown Support

24/7 Roadside Assistance

With compliments of the Tata Automobile Corporation SA Pty Ltd, Tata and Daewoo vehicles are eligible for a free membership to our Roadside Assistance and Recovery Programme, commencing on the date of sale of the vehicle till the warranty expires.

The Roadside Assistance & Recovery is comprised of:

  • Roadside Assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Any on site assistance during a breakdown
  • Towing of vehicle in case vehicle cannot be attended to on site
  • In the event of a medical emergency, the call centre will dispatch an emergency medical vehicle
  • Tow service to the nearest repair centre by one of our appointed contractors nationwide in the case of;
    • Mechanical breakdowns
    • Electrical breakdown
    • Collision damage ( if vehicle cannot be driven) (for customer`s account)

Towing or breakdown on-site assistance will be provided free of charge, only if the repair is warrantable as per the warranty policy.

Roadside assistance will not be covered outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Tata Vehicles


Call Center

086 111 3370

Daewoo Vehicles


Call Center

082 060 0461

Field support initiative boosts Uptime
“Based on our understanding of the importance of keeping our customer’ vehicle on the road and ensuring their Uptime, TACSA has embarked on a project focused on vehicle efficiency and reduced downtime. Our aim is to offer our customer peace of mind and back-up and is also testament to our dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction” – Santosh Shetty, Head Aftersales
Support vehicles

Vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art tools, equipment and skilled product specialists to assist customers around South Africa (SA). The vehicles are strategically located in Gauteng, Cape Town and Kwazulu Natal and will assist anywhere from rural to urban areas throughout the country. The vehicles have specific OEM branding to further enhance awareness of the Tata brand and product.

Support network

This service creates a support network to customers and dealerships to ensure that customers receive the quality and service which they have come to expect from Tata. This value-added service is also testament to the company’s commitment to customers. Through minimizing the occurrence of issues and solving more complex technical issues promptly creates an awareness of our competitive brand image. “We will continue to strive for excellence and focus on consistently meeting and delivering better than average service for our customers. This initiative is further proof of our team’s commitment to ensure that our customers achieve optimal running time of their vehicles,” Mr. Shetty said.

Support specialists

Field support specialists will take ownership of the technical issues faced by customers and will assist in delivering technical as well as non-technical solutions. They are multi-skilled in both Tata and Daewoo heavy commercial vehicles. Each support specialists was trained and certified by Cummins as well as Eaton SA. Ongoing training and up skilling in our quest for continuous improvement will remain critical and will also empower support staff to handle issues as they arise. The program further supports the investment into staff, ensuring they are knowledgeable and that their skills are of the highest quality.

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